The Little Pig Pen is making a change

TLPP is under new ownership, now located in Adelaide, South Australia.

Though the time has come for my journey breeding our beautiful miniature pigs to end, a new family's journey is going to be gracing your screens with their beautiful pigs. Rachael Redford and her family are taking over The Little Pig Pen and keeping our reputation and our breeding going which has become sought after throughout Australia and that everyone has grown to know and trust over the past 11 years.

I am so happy to be able to pass everything I know and have learnt onto Rachel and keep The Little Pig Pen name alive and will always be in the background to them with anything they may need.

If you wish to join The Little Pig Pen's waiting list for future litters you can now contact Rachel Redford on 0402 320 521 or email

My last litter here is due in early May, then I’ll be handing the ropes over to Rachel. I thank everyone for following me and my family’s journey for what seems like forever and showing so much love for our beautiful pigs. I hope you will share in Rachel’s and her family’s journey.



The Little Pig Pen is located in Leitchville, Northern Victoria and is where we breed Australian Miniature Pigs. We breed these gorgeous pigs for people and families living on farms or a couple of acres. Where they may dream of setting up a boutique hobby farm, or just yearn for a new addition to the family, and they love pigs. Nothing too big, normal pigs are close to the size of a Shetland Pony, and this might be a bit big for you to handle. A miniature pig from The Little Pig Pen could be just the pig for you!


Every piglet sold by The Little Pig Pen has been:

  • de-sexed,
  • vet checked,
  • vaccinated with Plevac vaccine for pigs,
  • wormed with Dectomax, and
  • microchipped

Each piglet also comes with an NVD pig pass and ear tag identification. They have also had their canine teeth trimmed whilst they are under anesthetic being de-sexed.

Every new owner also receives a copy of The Little Pig Pen’s care handbook, their piglet’s birth certificate (which includes the piglet’s full parent history), and a 20kg bag of crushed grain.

I am also available 24 hours a day by phone or email for advice and support.


If you live interstate but think I am a little too far away, I can have piglets freighted by air to anywhere in Australia.

All of our miniature pigs fly through Jetpets on Qantas Airlines, departing from Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne.

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Air-freight fee is $120 for fuel/delivery to airport, plus the airline flight fee (click below).

The fuel/travel fee may be reduced if I can arrange to deliver multiple piglets to the airport at once.

I can also meet families with their piglet at the airport if it is closer for them than coming to our farm.

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Flight Fees:

Hobart: $195

Cairns: $335

Sydney: $200

Townsville: $320

Canberra: $195

Darwin: $400

Brisbane: $220

Adelaide: $195

Coolangatta: $250

Perth: $320
(plus $240 quarantine)

Note: All flight prices include the purchase of an airline-approved Jetpets travel crate for your piglet. All flight quotes are subject to change at any time by the airline.

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As of Feb 1st, 2018 everyone who purchases a pig from anywhere and anyone, must create an online account (which is very simple) on the PigPass database…

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    Adelaide, SA

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    0402 320 521

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