The Little Pig Pen began life in Leitchville, Northern Victoria and is where we bred Australian Miniature Pigs. We breed these gorgeous pigs for people and families living on farms or a couple of acres. Where they may dream of setting up a boutique hobby farm, or just yearn for a new addition to the family, and they love pigs. Nothing too big, normal pigs are close to the size of a Shetland Pony, and this might be a bit big for you to handle. A miniature pig from The Little Pig Pen could be just the pig for you!

Miniature pigs in Australia have come about from selectiy breeding down smaller breed of pigs over many years to reduce their size to about that of a medium to large dog and we dedicated breeders can now offer a much more manageable sized pig with a more appealing stockier body type and short bear like faces. Australian miniature pigs are not a registered “breed of pig” and it will take many more years of breeding and working on genetics to be able to put a true standard on the Australian Miniature Pigs height.

I have been breeding miniature pigs since 2009. I started out by purchasing two piglets from another breeder, a sow and a boar.


How big is a miniature pig?

For illustration purposes, this is one of our full grown miniature pigs (ruler length: 60cm).
To refine and improve my breeding lines, I have selectively purchased pigs from the only best breeders in Australia. The miniature pigs that I breed with today are on average 55-60cm tall and weigh between 60 and 80kg fully grown, at their optimum healthy weight. There are no such thing as pigs that will only grow to the size of a pomeranian or staffordshire dog and though they would fit into tea cup when they are born, this is the only time suitable to say they are are tea cup pigs. The reality is, you simply can’t get any smaller breeds of pigs here in Australia and it is illegal to import pigs from overseas.

I personally have not yet come across a fully grown Australian Miniature Pig under 55cm fully grown which is 4 years old . But with commercial size pigs measuring from 1m tall plus, and weighing a whopping 300-400kg, miniature pigs are truly miniature compared to their regular size relatives.

We are focused not just on breeding the smallest miniature pigs but producing pigs with a sweet and loving demeanour, ideal for family pets. And with our sows throwing litters in a rainbow of beautiful colours, and you never quite know what combination of colours will pop out!

We aren’t the biggest stud, with just 10 gorgeous sows and two very handsome boars, we dont breed huge numbers of pugkets annually. We like to be able to spend time with each of our pigs , especially their piglets, which are all very well handled and hugged, and very familiar with fast moments and loud noises with my 1 and 3 year old daughters help, from the day they are born, to the day they come to live with you.

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Miniature pigs from The Little Pig Pen make for a very unique and amazing companion. Pigs are incredibly intelligent, much smarter than dogs, and can be trained to do great things. But they are also devilishly clever, which can work to your advantage or disadvantage and if they are given an inch they will run a mile.

Miniature pigs like many pets are a long term commitment, having a life expectancy of up to 15+ years, but if you think you have a suitable lifestyle for a miniature pig and the time to put into one, you will forever be rewarded by their ability to make to smile and laugh all day long, watching their silly little moments.

Miniature pigs are best suited to families and individuals living on a couple of acres or ideally on a farm, they are hugely popular on little hobby farms. Such space is not required so much for exercise but to graze on grass and forage around throughout the day, space to still be a pig. For this reason, and for our pigs happiness, we do not sell piglets to those living in apartments or the suburbs.

So if you are looking for a new addition to your family farm and want a pet that’s a bit unique and will make you laugh all day, or if you have just always loved pigs and have the required space to keep one, why not look at a miniature pig from The Little Pig Pen? We would love to hear from you to answer any of your questions and discuss whether a miniature pig is right for you.

If you’d like some more information or you’d like to make an enquiry, please feel free to contact me:

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– Alyce, The Little Pig Pen.