About us

About The Little Pig Pen

We welcome visitors to our farm to meet and greet our beautiful piglets.

We breed miniature pet pigs for people or families living on small to large acreage properties.
The Little Pig Pen pigs are 100% genuine miniatures. For decades, the pigs have been bred, choosing the smaller sows and boars with a more appealing stockier body type and short bear-like faces.

Our miniature pigs grow to the size of a medium to large dog, which is far more manageable than the normal pigs, which can get to the size of a shetland pony.

Our Farm

The Little Pig Pen is located in the beautiful foothills of South Australia’s famous wine region.
Our magnificent lifestyle property is on 18 acres of breathtaking natural vegetation, sweeping lawns, hedges, exotic trees and beautiful roses. It really is a horse enthusiast’s dream property with 5-star horse stables, undercover round yard and Olympic size dressage arena.
We have horses, sheep, alpacas, Maremma dogs, chickens and of course, our gorgeous pigs.
Our pigs are truly in the lap of luxury and well looked after.

Family and friends love visiting us, and the highlight is always the pigs, especially the piglets.