We can not speak highly enough of Alyce and The Little Pig Pen! We chose to go with The Little Pig Pen based on the professionalism and compassion displayed online, and have not been disappointed. That, and the shorter noses her pigs seem to have, which our pigs definitely do! Alyce was so helpful and sincere through out the time we dealt with her, and even genuine in her ongoing interest in our pigs.

Winnie and Steve (ginger brother and sister) arrived in Tasmania, and even Quarantine couldn’t believe what nice temperaments they showed. They said they had other pigs arrive at Hobart airport earlier in the day that were so noisy from within their crate, whilst ours sat calmly. This easy going nature has continued (they are now about 5 months old). They run to welcome anyone that arrives at our house, and are always keen to come inside and see what’s going on (for us they are outside pets).

I have been amazed how great they are with our two year old son, who constantly plays with them, and can be a little rough on tails and ears! They walk down to the mail box with us (and our sausage dog and kelpie) to check the mail each day, and come and find us all when we are out in the paddock getting wood or fixing fences (I don’t even know how they know what direction to head in!).

A few things potential owners may be keen to know; ours don’t really like to be picked up but REALLY love a pat. We haven’t used leads/harness, they’re happy to follow us around the farm. They run over to their pen each night and are eager to get out and explore each morning. They’re totally food obsessed! I haven’t noticed any difference thus far in the boy and the girl temperament or size wise, except Steve is just slightly stockier. We haven’t had a problem with digging (no nose rings) but they do have free reign! They are always together…I’m so glad we got them as a pair. AND they are still as cute as the day they arrived although now nearly twice the size!

We love them and our dealings with Alyce. Highly recommend for anyone’s new piggy addition, that has the space to give them the home they deserve.

– Angela