I will be eternally thankful to Alyce for assisting me to become a Pig person.

From the moment I found her website and initiated contact, it was obvious my dealings were with a well informed and honest breeder who cared for the physical and social welfare of her herd and who would do all she could to prepare and support future owners.

She was quite open to allowing me to see my prospective piglets in their home environment before purchase and willingly gave a guided tour.

It’s a year now since the pig boys joined our family and Alyce has frequently been a guiding light answering texts and phone calls with honest and consistent information.

Can I?
Should they?
Is it OK if?
What happens if they eat? I Feel there may have been a lot of the latter questions, but then they are pigs.

Life without Ted and Eric is unthinkable. With little effort they have become members of the family, mixing freely with the teenagers, the dogs, the cat and the sheep. At times being a Pig person is challenging, at times hilarious, but always interesting. Following advice, I was given and with some perseverance, they sit to command, walk on leads, are house trained (don’t tell my husband they come into the house) and regularly travel to work with me on the back seat of the car.

I firmly believe most of this has been possible due to the characters they developed from selective breeding and the early care and attention they received.

I unreservedly suggest that if you too are considering becoming a Pig person you initiate contact with Alyce and her little Pig Pen she will supply all the assistance you require.

– Ann