For me, my passion of owning a miniature pig has been a lifetime dream. After years of research and ensuring I had the perfect home, I contacted Alyce from The Little Pig Pen.

Alyce was fantastic from the moment we made contact, she ensured to answer any and every question I had, along with photo updates along the weeks leading up to picking up my pig.

About a month ago I picked up my baby “Priscilla Pepa Parr”. Alyce provided  me with a lovely little birth certificate and harness and lead along with a hand book that has also been useful. Priscilla is by far the most intelligent animal I have ever owned. She was toilet trained to a litter box with sawdust in 2 days.

Priscilla lives inside and sleeps of a night in a child’s playpen along with her blankets, toys and litter box. Priscilla enjoys daily walks with our dogs and she loves running around digging up our grass during the day. Priscilla does have a huge personality and can be demanding at times but my biggest advice I researched was they are as intelligent as a 3 year old child and this is true. You need to be firm and your love together will last a piggy life time…