We purchased our baby pig, Sylvester, from Alyce in November 2016.  All our dealings with Alyce were excellent.  She always answered our emails and calls, and once we were allocated Sylvester Alyce kept us up to date with photos and news.  Sylvester was flown to us (Tasmania).  Alyce completed all the paperwork and the process was very easy for us.

When Sylvester arrived we could tell that he had been handled a lot as he was so happy for us to pat and cuddle him.  He was not stressed by his flight and he had plenty of room to move around in the cage.  He was so relaxed!  The love, care and time that Alyce puts into her pigs shows.  Sylvester’s temperament is amazing.  He’s one very chilled dude!  And so very cute!!

We have purchased a pig from another miniature pig breeder.  The pig (who we dearly adore) arrived to us stressed and it took a lot of work to quieten her down.  And she certainly is not a miniature!!

We can not recommend The Little Pig Pen highly enough. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have one of The Little Pig Pen’s pigs.  Pigs make wonderful pets!

Thankyou Alyce 😊

The Bond Family