We happily received a piglet from Alyce in July 2014 from Jelly Bean and Cheese Cake, my son named her Hamlet. We have had such a lovely experience adopting a piglet from the little pig pen. At the beginning of the year we were welcomed to visit the pigs and see for ourselves how to look after a pet pig and the expectation of what they would be like as adults. This was so helpful for me as I was (and still am) a complete novice and never had anything to do with pigs before we adopted Hamlet. Acquiring the piglet was a simple process with all the information we needed handed to us in a step by step form with the booklet and constant question answering by Alyce herself. Even months later Alyce is still more than happy to answer any question we ask, no matter how ignorant or annoying we are.

Hamlet has been such a welcomed addition to our family, fitting in perfectly with our 3 young children. She is very friendly and funny with a great temperament. She comes with us in the car to the grandparents house for sleep overs and has been to visit our kindergarten as show and tell and was fantastic with all the children. She is very easy to train and is super clean. She roams around our backyard very happily munching on grass and playing with our children (5, 2 and 8 months) and sleeps in a small pen at night.

Thank you to Alyce and her family at The Little Pig Pen for this opportunity to have Hamlet join our family.

– Heidi