Our decision to own a pig came after a discussion about getting rid of bracken fern on our property, someone suggested pigs eat bracken (wrong!) but it sparked an interest in researching owning a pet pig as new land owners and animal lovers. I first found a breeder close to home but then stumbled upon The Little Pig Pen in another google search and the difference between what I’d already found was quite obvious.

I rang Alyce straight away to have a chat and get some questions answered and she was so helpful I was soon paying my deposit.  Before we got to the top of the waiting list we went up to Leitchville to meet the piggies and Alyce, Twiggy and Bowie and we just loved what we saw. Having never been close up to a pig and knowing absolutely nothing about them it was a little bit strange to go in and sit with them because you don’t know how they will respond to you but the pigs at The Little Pig Pen are just damn friendly! Just like the little boar we ended up with. (I’ve since found out a lot of piglets get named Kevin)

Kevin lived inside with us very short term at the beginning because we were unnecessarily worried about foxes, he house trained quickly but before long he went to his little pen and since then has moved to the Taj Mahal and is now awaiting his new friend Pip who is coming to us from The Little Pig Pen soon.

The thing I love most about Kevin is that he is so loving and cuddly. He loves tummy scratch and cuddle time and you can just tell he loves us. He adores running around with kids who come to visit and he is very popular with visitors. He loves coming inside for a sneaky rummage in the pantry, he is as smart as a whip and can open our heavy sliding doors with his super strong snout. He has never tried to run away from our property and he has great adventures with our 4 cows and playful puppy but always prefers to be with us or know we are nearby.

We do however have to keep an eye on him when he is out roaming as he can dig and plough areas that are off limits and I don’t think any garden would be safe!

We are just so happy that we found The Little Pig Pen, always a pleasure to deal with and available for questions.

Kevin is almost 10 months old and still very small as far as pigs go so we are happy that he hasn’t become a massive handful like you sometimes hear about with mini pigs.

Thanks Alyce for your excellent breeding program, your knowledge and dedication is very apparent and we couldn’t be happier with your honest approach 🙂

Margie and Ross