Hi my name is Nick and I live in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.

My wife, daughter and I decided to approach The Little Pig Pen in April 2013 to enquire about getting an Australian Miniature Pig of whom Alyce (breeder/owner) was more than happy to discuss our wants and purposes.  We have had a mini pig in the past but due to moving etc had to re home her, so this gave both Alyce and I mutual commonality right from the start.

I ensured to ask all the relevant questions e.g.; are you a registered breeder with the Australian Miniature Pig Association, how big and old are the sow and boar that breed the litter and so on.

As soon as Alyce emailed us the pictures of available piglets we knew that our little mate “Basil” was the one for us!

From there we paid our deposit and arranged a mini family holiday to personally pick him up in country Victoria in May 2013. We had been a bit apprehensive to travel a long distance with a piglet that has not been away from his mum long, but decided to soldier on anyway. My daughter Scarlett, who is 3 years old, was just as excited as us! We drive up the driveway not knowing who or what type of people we may meet! But as we met Alyce for the first time, her honest, relaxed and genuine nature that came through over the phone was a true reflection of the person we met on the day.

Alyce’s affection, knowledge and caring nature really stood out as she passionately introduced us to her breeding stock as well as the new litter. There was no question too stupid or strange to ask! We most certainly felt comfortable and at ease knowing that her knowledge and love for these animals was paramount, and wanted no questions unanswered.

We have stayed in contact through messages and her Facebook page, as we feel it our duty to show that we genuinely care for and look after our new family member.

Basil was a typical boy nipping, squirming and squealing at the start! But not for long at all!!! Within the first day he could not leave our lap! The second day he and our dog “Diesel” (Doberman X) had become their own wolf/pig pack! And my daughter certainly could not stop talking or patting little Basil!!!

All in all the transition was easy, and even our other farm pets at home took to Basil with ease.

We would like to thank The Little Pig Pen and especially Alyce for her honest approach, but most of all being down to earth and loving towards not only her animals, but also towards providing a level of service and dedication to what she obviously loves doing!