We were originally looking at purchasing a piglet from another breeder. We then found Alyce’s website. Not only were her piglets better looking, but communicating with Alyce is a delight. Every message and phone call was promptly answered even though she leads a busy farmers life. Her honesty about the reality of owning a pet pig is refreshing and shows her devotion to her animals. She continues to care for her pigs and customers by periodically messaging to check how everything is going, and answering any questions that come up.

We love our Hamlet. It has taken some adjusting to him. Although he litter trained quickly we had to move him outside. He has a flair for interior design and started moving furniture at a young age. He is very strong. Now he lives outside and has his bed in our old brick outside dunny (toilet removed) and he is happy there. It is now called “Denmark” . He is allowed on the deck when someone is there to be with him. Otherwise the outdoor furniture also gets “rearranged”. His preferred look is tipped over modern.

He loves running about with our dog Huggie, who he adores.Their favourite game is chasey and it is even better when there is a mob of kids about to play with. He is just like a little brother trying to do everything Huggie does, including barking at passing cars. He also spends part of every morning visiting the chickens in their paddock. He also goes for short walks along our country road? The local farmers all get a good laugh. Hamlet also loves to “help” with the outside work.

He is very sweet and captures the heart of all who meet him. He occasionally nips by accident, but a snout tap and a stern “no” works well. He knows what “come”, “outside”, “back up” and “home” mean, but he is smart enough to choose when he will do as he’s asked.

He also learned to open the sliding door to the kitchen very quickly and likes to sneak in occasionally and look into the cats bowls to see if they left anything behind for him. He has to look at every bowl and then you can lead him out. He can be very stubborn when he has set his mind to something. You really have to remind him who is boss sometimes.

Hamlet is very inquisitive and assumes all other living creatures will adore him. He is incredibly affectionate and loves to give big piggy kisses, which we call “smoopsies”. There have been times when one of us has been out in public before realising we have evidence of our goodbye smoopsy on our clothes. He will collapse on the feet of anyone who will stay still long enough and loves to be scratched. There is something special about lying beside a collapsed pig giving him a cuddle.

Hamlet has got himself into some very interesting scraps. Once he wrapped himself so tightly in his blankets that he had to be cut out. Another time he got his head and neck caught between two fence wires and couldn’t work out how to get back out. He has also tipped over a can of paint and then rolled in it. There is never a day that he doesn’t make us laugh at his antics. He always says “grumph” and keeps on going after one of his misadventures.

Hamlet is a much loved member of the family. I would advise that anyone bringing a pig into their family should have a very outdoor lifestyle. They need lots of room for digging and love a good roll in the mud. Company for the pig is also very important whether it be humans or other animals.

Thanks for everything.

– Hamlet, Marie, Rich and Annie