Our sow, Nancy biscuit (our kids named her) is now 6 months old and is honestly hands down the best pet I have ever had. When Alyce asked us to do a testimonial about pigs as pets and about the little pig pen I couldn’t be happier as deciding to be pig owners can be a very daunting and anxious decision. Researching online is good however there are many different breeds around the world, some aren’t even in Australia, and many of the negative stories surrounding miniature pigs are entirely false and inaccurate.

As we had never had a pig before Alyce was excellent in answering any questions we had and the information booklet we initially got was a fantastic source of information.

If you are thinking about getting a pig as a pet there a few things they simply must have; Pigs need to dig. It’s their second favourite thing to do. It will need a large area that is preferably fenced off, in which you don’t mind if they tear up. If you leave it on a grassed area or garden they will destroy it and if it’s too small an area they will get bored. Ideally, a house on some acreage is best. They also need some shade and a wallow. They absolutely love to go for walks, swims and roll around in mudbut are also happy to just quietly do their own thing. Whilst they are mini they’re still a reasonable size and weight so in terms of things like transportation they can be a little tricky. But if you can get those things organised they make a great pet and I hope it makes you as happy as Nancy has made me and my family. Every once in a while she’ll throw us a curve ball but as we always say round here: It’s the girl that can do no wrong.

– Scott