Piglets for Sale

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Piglets for Sale

The Little Pig Pen’s piglets sell for $800.

The cost includes the piglet’s vet check, de-sexing, vaccination with Plevac vaccine for pigs, and worming with Dectomax.

We offer intact piglets for breeding, with prices starting at $1300 – $1500 depending on the breeding line and markings of the piglet.

Piglets will only be sold for breeding to approved and carefully selected homes.

We have litters born every few months, so if you don’t fall in love with one of our piglets for sale, please don’t be dismayed as new and different coloured piglets are not very far away.


We require a $50 non-refundable deposit to go onto the waiting list for a piglet. Once a person has chosen their piglet, we then require a further $150 non-refundable holding deposit. We will not hold a piglet until we receive a deposit.

Next Litter Due

October / November 2021

From our sow Sprinkles to our boar Jasper


Bred by This Little Piggy
DOB: 11/08/18
Photo taken 14 Jan 2022


Bred by The Little Pig Pen
DOB: 19/06/18
Photo taken 14 Jan 2022

Our Current Litter

White and Blue

The Little Pig Pen Pricing

All piglets from The Little Pig Pen are $800. Aside from just the piglet, The Little Pig Pen provides you with everything you need to get started as a new mini-pig owner.

Included in the price:

  • De-sexing
  • Vaccination with Plevac vaccine for pigs
  • Worming with Dectomax
  • Vet Check
  • NVD Pig Pass
  • Ear Tag Identification
  • A copy of The Little Pig Pen’s piglet care handbook
  • Piglet birth certificate
  • Support for your new addition if ever needed

Current litter sold out?

Our piglets are often already pre-sold to those on our waiting list before they are born. It is best to go onto our waiting list to secure yourself a piglet from any of our future litters. 

Please email rachel@thelittlepigpen.com.au to put your $50 deposit down to go onto our waiting list.

Conditions of Sale

  • We will not hold a miniature piglet for any person until we receive a $150 deposit.
  • We must receive full payment for a piglet (minus the deposit) before we make any travel arrangements for the piglet; unless the piglet is being picked up, then payment can and must be paid in full (minus deposit) upon pick up.
  • If someone has a change of circumstances and can no longer take a piglet they had paid for, any money paid to hold or pay for the piglet will not be refunded.
  • If anything happens to a piglet that someone has paid a deposit for whilst they are still in our care, we will either refund their deposit, or they can choose to take another piglet from that litter or wait for another litter to be born.
  • All of our piglets have been vet checked before they leave our care. We will not be held responsible for the health or welfare of any piglet once it is in your care, including any hidden illnesses.
  • We will not be held responsible for the health or welfare of any of our miniature piglets while they are en-route to their new home, either with us, by air, or with their new owner.
  • We give as much information and guidance as possible to help new owners look after their miniature pig correctly. We will not be held responsible for how any owner of one of our miniature pigs chooses to care for or feed their pig.
  • If someone who owns one of our miniature pigs can sadly no longer keep their pig, we are happy to help them try to find the pig a new home, but we have no responsibility to take back any miniature pig that we have sold to anyone, for any reason.
  • If for any reason a person can no longer keep their miniature pig or piglet, or for any reason changes their mind after taking their pig or piglet home and wishes to bring them back, we will endeavour to accommodate the pig or piglet and find them another suitable home but no refund of any money paid will be given.
  • The information that we give is to the best of our knowledge and should be used as a guide only.
  • Please read all of our information thoroughly and carefully before deciding to purchase one of our miniature pigs. We only want our pigs to go to suitable and the very best of homes.

Got questions? Send us a message.

PLEASE NOTE: All information given is to be taken as a guide only. The Little Pig Pen does not accept liability for any actions taken by any persons on reliance of its content.