Hi Rachel,
I just wanted to send a big thank you.
Thank you for choosing us to give Crispy a new forever
home. He is seriously the cutest and most unique
little piggie.
He has given us lots of smiles and given my kids lots
of laughs.
Thank you!! This has been the best end to our terrible
COVID year!!
Have a great week!

NOV 20
Can’t thank The Little Pig Pen enough for breeding such perfect natured pigs. I have wanted a miniature pig for as long as I can remember and so glad I got my boy, he’s so loved and fed better than my other half 🤭
Em Loulou
OCT 18
Can’t thank Rachel enough for our new baby she had to travel such a long way to get here and yet she has instantly fit into our crazy house like she was born here Clover is confident and so well adjusted with a beautiful snuggly nature and that’s all just been in the first 24 hours wouldn’t hesitate to get a second piggy off you again if I didn’t already have two already
Thanking you


Amanda Halls
SEP 21

We welcomed our beautiful boy Wilbur into our family Last week .

The laughs, joy and endless amounts of belly rubs have been worth the wait.

I would highly recommend buying a mini pig from Racheal and Joel’s company The Little Pig Pen.

Wilbur has a beautiful nature and adores playing with the children and other furry animals around the farm .

Rachel is One amazing lady

Thank-you for the tour. My children will never forget the day we brought Wilbur home.

Tash P.