Housing Requirements

The Little Pig Pen

After seeing the photos of my miniature pigs on The Little Pig Pen, you are probably thinking that you would love to own a mini pig too. However, mini pigs are pigs after all and they have some special housing requirements which may not apply to owning a cat or a dog.

You will need to check with your local council if you are permitted to keep a miniature pig where you live. Miniature pigs are classified as livestock, and sometimes even if you live on acreage, your council’s regulations may not permit you to keep a miniature pig.

While miniature pigs may not be the most athletic of pets, they do like to graze on grass throughout the day, and need the space & amenities to allow them to be a pig. For this reason, and for my piglets’ happiness, I do not sell piglets to people living in apartments or on house blocks of less than a couple of acres. You need to be living on a couple of acres or a farm to keep a miniature pig.


At The Little Pig Pen, I sell all of my piglets de-sexed. Pigs make much better pets de-sexed. If they aren’t de-sexed and don’t have another pig to mate with they can become depressed, frustrated and sometimes even aggressive.


I spend time sitting and playing will all of my pigs and their piglets. All of my piglets are well handled and cuddled and quickly settle into their new home. I also love to send photo updates as often as I can to eagerly waiting new owners.

Pricing & What's Included

The Little Pig Pen

All of my piglets are priced at $750 each.

Included in the price, your piglet has been:

  • de-sexed,
  • vet checked,
  • vaccinated with Plevac vaccine for pigs, and
  • wormed with Dectomax

Each piglet also comes with an NVD pig pass and ear tag identification. They have also had their canine teeth trimmed whilst they are under anesthetic being de-sexed.

Every new owner of one of my miniature pigs also receives a copy of The Little Pig Pen’s care handbook, their piglet’s birth certificate (which includes the piglet’s full parent history), and a 20kg bag of crushed grain.

I am also available 24 hours a day by phone or email for advice and support.

I am always honest with the information I give, and will do my best to make buying a piglet from me a stress-free and special experience.

My Waiting List

I have a waiting list for those looking for something in particular, like a certain colour or sex. I take a $50 non-refundable deposit to go onto my waiting list and when a litter is born, I notify those whom are on my waiting list first. Those on my waiting list have first pick of the piglets available.

When someone picks a piglet they want to buy, I take a $150 non-refundable deposit to hold that piglet, which helps cover the cost of de-sexing. That piglet is then considered sold.

All deposits paid come off the total price of the piglet. The amount owing is paid upon pickup or delivery of the piglet.

Transportation Australia-wide

The Little Pig Pen sells piglets to people all over Australia, so if you live interstate, I can easily arrange air transport for your piglet to your nearest airport. Contact me for a quote to fly a piglet from Tullamarine Airport, Victoria to anywhere in Australia. Transport costs for interstate travel will include flight costs and a $120 freight charge to transport the piglet from The Little Pig Pen in Leitchville, Victoria to Tullamarine Airport, which is a seven hour return trip.

I am able to deliver piglets throughout most of Victoria in full comfort, with the cost of freight depending on the distance traveled. I often have more than one person buying a piglet in a particular region, and I am happy to share the cost of travel across each buyer, making the freight costs cheaper for each.

Please see below for flight costs per region.


If you live interstate but think I am a little too far away, I can have piglets freighted by air to anywhere in Australia.

All of our miniature pigs fly through Jetpets on Qantas Airlines, departing from Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne.

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Air-freight fee is $120 for fuel/delivery to airport, plus the airline flight fee (click below).

The fuel/travel fee may be reduced if I can arrange to deliver multiple piglets to the airport at once.

I can also meet families with their piglet at the airport if it is closer for them than coming to our farm.

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Flight Fees:

Hobart: $195

Cairns: $335

Sydney: $200

Townsville: $320

Canberra: $195

Darwin: $400

Brisbane: $220

Adelaide: $195

Coolangatta: $250

Perth: $320
(plus $240 quarantine)

Note: All flight prices include the purchase of an airline-approved Jetpets travel crate for your piglet. All flight quotes are subject to change at any time by the airline.

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All information given is to be taken as a guide only. The Little Pig Pen does not accept liability for any actions taken by any persons on reliance of its content.